.Wallace Baine

Jul 23, 2020

Pandemic forces a radical re-imagining of theater

Way back in the mid-1970s, when pop star Billy Joel was compelled to write a song about the approaching collapse of the American empire,...
Sep 4, 2019

UCSC Microbe Machines

The Bay Area has a recycling problem. It’s true that cities from San Rafael to San Jose have residential recycling services and public trash...
Sep 4, 2019

A Guide To ‘Dying Well’

The inevitability of death has always been a source of dread and anxiety, across all ages and human societies. But the modern age has...
Jul 3, 2019

Seeing Is Believing

The future of misinformation is here. It reared its ugly head in May in the form of a doctored video of House Speaker Nancy...
Oct 17, 2018

Brown Out

On its face, California’s Brown family political dynasty is the story of two men, but metaphorically it’s really the story of three. In the dialectical...
May 9, 2018

Feature: Close-Up

In the roughly 34 years since Donald Trump assumed the presidency—that’s Emotional Standard Time; chronologically, it’s been less than two years—it’s easy to forget...
Apr 11, 2018

Arts: Resistance State

The citizens of California seem to have a talent for pioneering one regrettable socio-political phenomenon after another, years before the country as a whole...