.Letter: ‘Goodbye, Mill Valley.”

‘Self-assuming assholes’

Goodbye, Mill Valley. I’ll miss you. There was a time when you were a community of genuinely wonderful souls. Brilliant, creative, hip, artistic, musical, genuinely nice and caring people. It was a town of unassuming authors, world-renowned musicians and actors who had no problem walking amongst fellow townsfolk, a town with a keysmith and a family-owned hardware store and even the very best record store in the country.

They were the people and those were the times that created the paradise Joni Mitchell warned us about turning into a parking lot.

We didn’t listen. And we now have a community of hurried, self-assuming assholes. Mill Valley is now officially a parking lot and it is only going to get worse.

Capitalism unchecked is like runaway cancer and it appears our elected officials either didn’t see it coming or hopped on the money train. Perhaps it is time for a good old-fashioned tar and feathering. I would suggest jail time and heavy fines, but our clueless courts would just laugh it off. Their wealthy constituents are owned by sociopathic developers, those ruthless bastards who do not live here and don’t give a goddamn about traffic problems. They are the ones who must be held accountable. Pathetically, that will never happen.
If it does, I’ll bring the feathers. Good riddance, Mill Valley.

Disgustedly yours, John Cross, Marin County

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