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Jun 11, 2024

Climactic Climate

As temperatures rise, hope floats Last year was the planet’s warmest 12-month span in at least two millennia, beating out the prior record year of 2016 by a wide margin. And 2024 is turning into another broiler. Global temperatures continue to rise. With the wealthy of the Earth rapidly spewing carbon...
May 29, 2024

Pride in Marin

May 24, 2024

Store harassed homeless people with loud music, lawsuit claims

A court order put the kibosh on a San Rafael tire store “blaring loud music” from speakers pointed at...
May 21, 2024

Remembering ‘The Serial’ writer, Cyra McFadden

In November 1975, Cyra McFadden’s “The Serial,” a weekly satirical column capturing Marin’s self-indulgent ’70s, premiered on the pages...
May 15, 2024

How to ‘Summer’ in Marin

Summertime is around the corner here in Marin, and the events calendar is heating up for locals looking to...
May 14, 2024

Have SF water policies led to salmon collapse?

As California’s native Chinook salmon populations dwindle, prompting a shutdown of the fishing industry, environmentalists are pleading with water...
May 8, 2024

Developer agrees to reduce size of controversial Marin City housing project

Marin County struck a deal with an affordable housing developer to reduce the size of a hotly contested five-story,...
Apr 30, 2024

Random City: The Curious Case of San Rafael

The city of San Rafael has a long and eclectic history, full of oh-so-many curiosities and curios to reflect...
Apr 26, 2024

New legal battle emerges from San Rafael cops’ use of force

A legal battle has erupted because the City of San Rafael says it needs a witness’ help to prevent...
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