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Apr 10, 2024

Marin County Jail’s new program aims to reduce recidivism

The young woman felt compelled to steal from Rite Aid, Safeway and other stores, partly because she knew selling the merchandise would help provide for her two sons. It’s hard to say whether Deja Munson, 25, possesses much talent for thievery. While admitting to stealing regularly, she also seems to...
Mar 5, 2024

Back to the news: Johnny Colla on recording “We Are the World”

Almost 40 years ago, dozens of ’80s icons gathered overnight in a Los Angeles studio to record “We Are...
Feb 26, 2024

Sheriff’s oversight ordinance fundamentally flawed, says watchdog group

After years of discussion and debate, Marin County has finally unveiled a proposed ordinance that could soon lead to...
Feb 20, 2024

North Bay nonprofit removes deadly ghost nets from Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Mary Crowley prefers not to use the term “garbage patch” when referring to the tons of plastic littering the...
Feb 16, 2024

Nonprofit serving LGBTQ+ and HIV communities suspends all programs

The Spahr Center, a nonprofit organization serving Marin’s LGBTQ+ and HIV-affected communities, announced Friday that it is suspending services...
Feb 12, 2024

Rocket science: Sausalito’s mayor designed missiles for the Army—the good kind

In preparation for the Pacific Sun’s spotlight on Sausalito this week, I jotted down a list of captivating people...
Feb 6, 2024

Nightmare on Pine Street II: Sausalito flip-flops on approval of controversial project

Home—that safe, familiar, comfortable space offering respite from the world—often evokes deep emotions.  In Marin, where home sweet home is...
Jan 31, 2024

Three people died while in Marin County Jail’s custody during last six months

An incarcerated individual died in their cell at the underground Marin County Jail last week. It’s the third in-custody...
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