Mar 2, 2022

Letter to the Editor

Tone Deaf ‘50 Up’ We picked up the new copy of 50 Up. I guess this is supposed to be a celebration of achievement and fun for peeps over 50. So, it opens with Daedalus Howell’s op-ed telling us older folks that we definitely should feel our age: You’re too old...
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Jan 5, 2022

Directions Home—An unsheltered New Year’s Greeting

Love comes first: We need unity, forgiveness and peace to find a loving solution.  We understand we all need understanding,...
Sep 17, 2021

Open Mic: Isolation and Connection

We need to start talking about the effects the pandemic is having on our mental health before we have...
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Sep 13, 2021

Open Mic: Sonoma County Workers Deserve a Raise

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved a Living Wage Ordinance (LWO) in 2015 which mandates that the County...
Sep 1, 2021

Pulling Together

In stressful times, we tend to fracture into warring tribes, sticking to the echo chambers that reassure us that...
Aug 17, 2021

Open Mic: Progressive Except for Palestine

A couple of months ago we learned that the Sebastopol Living Peace Wall committee is planning to honor Rep....
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Aug 17, 2021

Letters to the Editor: Elders and Chronic Wars

Respect Elders So many cultures revere their elders; they are held in the highest regard, protected and cared for by...
Aug 11, 2021

Open Mic: I Won’t Tell You ‘I Told You So’

Few, if any, individuals like to hear the words “I told you so.” This seems to be as true...
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