May 16, 2023

Sculpting Appreciation

What Fourth Graders See With clipboards, pencils and an illustrated map in hand, Cloverdale Jefferson School fourth graders set out on a tour of the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. Over the course of two weeks in April, I met Jonni Conway, Stephanie Fernandez, Emilie Barrow and Anna DeLaney’s fourth grade classes sharply...
Sep 17, 2022

San Rafael justifies hiring former police officer to investigate police use of force

Reporter’s Note: Comprehensive coverage of the incident, including video footage of the use of force by two police officers,...
Jul 27, 2022

The Dangers of Comfort and Compromise

I am writing in response to Don Erikson's essay on last week's Open Mic page, in which he advocates...
Jul 13, 2022

Strategists Need to Rethink Policy

A number of nuclear strategy experts have agreed that the only sensible response to China’s alarming new buildup of...
Jul 13, 2022

Water Concerns in Marin City

Following up on the article “Don’t Drink the Water,” residents concerned by the quality of drinking water in our...
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Mar 2, 2022

Letter to the Editor

Tone Deaf ‘50 Up’ We picked up the new copy of 50 Up. I guess this is supposed to be...
Mar 2, 2022

Hands Together — Living on a Prayer

“Spiritual but not religious” is a cliche in common parlance, which means people parrot the phrase but are usually...
Feb 9, 2022

The Viruses They Are A-Changin’

A poem  By J.F. You people who gather in big angry mobs Go back to your homes, go back to your jobs The...
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