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Jun 11, 2024

Your Letters, June 12

Trumpian Twist That so many congressional Republicans showed up at the New York courthouse to show their unified support for the convicted felon and head of their party makes clear that Republicans are still the party of law and order—albeit with a Trumpian twist: Break the law 34 times and...
May 14, 2024

Your Letters, May 15

Zapped The PG&E-owned Public Utilities Commission approved a PG&E rate hike last Thursday that will add about $5 a month...
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May 8, 2024

Your Letters, May 8

Rude Boy Gosh, you have to feel tremendous empathy for the heroic Rudy Giuliani, who is on the hook, so...
Apr 30, 2024

Your Letters, May 1

Four-twenty Thanks for the 420 history (April 17 Pacific Sun). There was another early pot fellowship at San Diego State...
Apr 23, 2024

Your Letters, 4/24

Penny for Your Thoughts The beloved 99 Cents Only Stores announced a wave of closures across California, Nevada, Texas and...
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Apr 16, 2024

Your Letters, 4/17

Spoken Truth Public speaking is a politician’s stock in trade. And President Joe Biden’s impressive words are fresh air in...
Apr 10, 2024

Your Letters (and occasional poem), 4/10

TikTok Clock Watch TikTok every day for the dystopian novel unwinding each day. Launch a rocket whenever they may with no utopian model...
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