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Apr 10, 2024

Your Letters (and occasional poem), 4/10

TikTok Clock Watch TikTok every day for the dystopian novel unwinding each day. Launch a rocket whenever they may with no utopian model for living today. Can only grovel at political hey, being played out in reality, a radical dismay. Full throttle play, my books must publish right away. False prophecy can change for One true way. Tropical...
Mar 13, 2024

Your Letters, 3/13

WikiPeaved Barry Barnett’s defense of Julian Assange (Feb. 28, 2024 Open Mic) glosses over and ignores pertinent facts. Barnett states...
Mar 5, 2024

Your Letters, March 6

Safe Sex Party Mr. Dan Savage’s advice for people who attend sex parties (“Savage Love,” Bohemian, Feb. 29, 2024) is...
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Feb 27, 2024

Your Letters, 2/28

Critical Concern I found it ironic that your Feb. 14 Bohemian cover artwork had an “Eat Local Sonoma County” sticker...
Feb 20, 2024

Your Letters, Feb. 21

Announcement of Candidacy I am nearly 73 years old, hearing-impaired, forgetful, degenerate, infirm, cognitively challenged, unfocused, lame, imbecilic, thoughtless, incoherent,...
Feb 13, 2024

Your Letters, 2/14

Hat Tip to ‘Pal’ I was really pleased to see that you used the “Locals” section of your paper to...
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Feb 6, 2024

Your Letters, 2/7

Ex-Prez I just don’t get it. America has an ex-president: implicated in insurrection and sedition, who is a philanderer and sexual predator, who...
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Jan 30, 2024

Your Letters, 1/31

Offending Spending There is a spectrum of professional elected officials, the privileged denizens of Politics Incorporated, who worry out loud...
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