Apr 10, 2024

The Time Is ‘Now’: Strawberry’s Susan Hauser

Susan Hauser’s name inevitably comes up when people talk about yoga in Marin. As someone who can barely touch his toes, even I knew about her positivity and spirit in making yoga a part of many people’s lives out here! What do you do? I’m the owner of NOW Power...
Mar 13, 2024

Writer-in-Residence: Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende’s novels are a gift of literature for us all. When my wife, Jane, who is a huge...
Mar 6, 2024

Mill Valley Maker: Karen Goldberg

Stopping by Tamalpie on any given night, there’s a good chance Karen Goldberg will be found sitting at the...
Feb 27, 2024

Bay Way: ‘Davey Jones’ Deli in Sausalito

When I think of Otis Redding sittin’ on the dock of the bay, I pretty much imagine David “Davey...
Feb 20, 2024

Fashion Maven Margaret O’Leary

I remember living in San Francisco in the early 2000s and first seeing a Margaret O’Leary store on Fillmore....
Feb 13, 2024

Roland Passot, Culinary King

I first encountered the cuisine of Roland Passot at the legendary La Folie in San Francisco what feels like...
Feb 6, 2024

Burmatown’s Jennifer Fujitani

Every time I try to go to Burmatown, there’s a crazy wait. I never regret waiting; it’s that good....
Jan 31, 2024

Skate Estate: Greenbrae’s Reese Forbes

If one knows pro skateboarding, they’ve heard the name Reese Forbes. He’s such a humble guy, though, that one...
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