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Apr 10, 2024

Artificial Idiocy: Ghosted, in the Machine

In a moment that may be too meta to mention (but I will anyway), I am now an AI. More specifically, I am a generative artificial intelligence product licensed and operated under the brand name and/or byline known collectively as “Daedalus Howell.” This of course comes with the disclaimer that I...
Jul 25, 2023

Atomic Angst ‘Oppenheimers’ old wounds

Nearly two decades ago, I somehow convinced my filmmaking pal, Abe Levy, to accompany me on a drive across...
Mar 7, 2023

Marin County flags flunked by Vexillological Association

One would be forgiven if they thought “vexillological” had anything to do with the vexy-ness of, say, Harley Quinn....
Nov 22, 2022

Vikings Lament Not Being Invited to First Thanksgiving

After discovering definitive proof that Vikings reached the shores of North America 1,000 years ago, anthropologists have since learned...
Oct 26, 2022

Vamp Champ

A veritable vampire weekend awaits local Halloween celebrants with a taste for blood (and beyond) as the veil thins...
Pan Solo
Oct 18, 2022

Pan Solo: Life-sized ‘Star Wars’ bread art

Sure, too many baked goods could make you look like Jabba the Hutt, but has it never occurred to...
Oct 12, 2022

Mustache: Should I shave or should I grow

The prevalence of unironic mustaches is growing. By “unironic,” I mean mustaches grown in earnest without self-conscious consideration, self-parody,...
Oct 5, 2022

Banned Books Week

Censorship Sucks Despite all of the press releases, despite all the bookstore banners and despite the groundswell of media attention,...
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