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May 11, 2022

Space Case – Co-working saves lives

When not properly stowed, writers go bad. Not their writing, but their souls. We curdle easily and need to be handled with kid gloves—scratch that—thick rubber gloves—and kept in a cool, dry place, preferably not too bright and not for too long. Many of us are peripatetic. How do you...
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Apr 6, 2022

Fantasy Fave: Word Horde sparks local imaginations

The quests of many fantasy novels lead to a specific destination. If you’re under four feet tall and travel...
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Mar 9, 2022

Holy Cripes — Coffee Confessions

Confession: I drink cold coffee. Not the expensive hipster cold-pressed stuff, either—that isn’t confession-worthy. No, I make my own...
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Feb 23, 2022

Seattle or Bust — Finding Winter in the Heart of Spring

The trouble with living in California is that the winter rain lasts for two or three weeks and then...
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Feb 15, 2022

Cheap Eats—My Successful Search for North Bay Low-Budget Goodness

Wherever I live, I always line up a few cheap local eats that help me establish a culinary budget...
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Feb 9, 2022

My Life in Beer—the Truth as I Lived it

I remember my first beer. It was my sister’s fifth birthday, and the year was 1978. I was 10...
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Feb 1, 2022

My Friend the Animal Whisperer—Kickin’ it Over Cowboy Coffee

By Mark Fernquest These mornings are heavy with fog which burns off to reveal bright blue sky by about 10am....
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Jan 26, 2022

My Search for Meaning—I Mean Meta

This is our “meta” issue … and I don’t know what “meta” means. Which is OK with me, by...
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