50 Years AgoLong hair is more than a case of overactive follicles. It is a symbol, just as much to a packed gym at...

Hero & Zero

HeroSingle-use plastic has been ousted in Fairfax. A newly adopted ordinance requiring food vendors to phase out wasteful plastic by July 1, 2020 demonstrates...

Pot Pivot

Dial M for Measure

Rut Causes



Oh, Henry! The 1964 movie Becket tells the story of two men: England’s King Henry II, a Norman, and his “loyal” compatriot, Thomas Becket, a...


As impeachment proceedings officially begin in the House, speculation is turning to how they might end in the Senate. Republican leadership clarified the Senate...



Do a film autopsy on Todd Phillips’ Joker, and you might find most of the DNA stems from two Martin Scorsese films, Taxi Driver...

Cult Status

The Thing Emerges

Under the Lights

Sad But True

Harvest the Fun

Solid Gold

Capo Taste-o

James Knight It’s hard to imagine this corner of the world without Healdsburg.But it was new to Mary Roy when, seeking a breather from an...

Advise Goddess

Q: About six weeks ago, I started dating the nicest guy. I have some intimacy issues, and having somebody be nice to me is...
All signs look to the 'Sun'


Fresh Princes

Advice Goddess

All signs look to the 'Sun'