50 Years AgoA couple of years back, when sit-ins were all the rage in San Francisco and Mario Savio was holding forth in Berkeley,...

Hero & Zero

Hero Tax forms are daunting and many people miss out on earned credits and deductions because they can't afford professional...

Hemp It Up

Divisive Data?


Hero & Zero

G Whiz

The article by Chris Rooney (“Divisive Data,” Sep. 11) suggested that Russia, through “RT America,” was trying to sow division in the U.S. by...


As an inspiration for her sandwiches, I hope Ms. Underwood looks to the pre–made mini–baguettes at the Rustic Bakery in Novato (“Rising Loafer,” Sept....


Craft Cartoons

Ken Weaver knows a thing or two about craft beer in the North Bay, as well he should; he wrote the book on it...

Nouveau Name

Classic ‘Trap’

Fall Into Art

Clowning Around

Strangers No More

Humans Being

Laughing Matters


ARIES (March 21-April 19): We’re in the equinoctial season. During this pregnant pause, the sun seems to hover directly over the equator; the lengths...

Fenn’s Way

Forgive me for thinking there wasn’t much “there, there” in Novato’s craft beer scene, especially compared to its northern neighbors in Sonoma County, until...

Old Reliable

Advice Goddess

La Vie en Schulz