Look for the Union . . . Edible

Can unions organize cannabis industry workers, some stoned, some sober, others undocumented and still others with college degrees?It’s tricky.The upsides: a unionized cannabis industry...


Twenty Years Ago This WeekBest Internet Service ProviderAlthough we Marinites pride ourselves on setting trends, not following them, when it comes to Internet service...

Hero & Zero

The Tow Hold

Hero & Zero

Time and Punishment


How about if only minks wear mink fur?Ban FurAs we know, people all over the world, and perhaps especially in California, care about animals....


A letter writer says harmony between the U.S. and Russia is the answer.Glaring OmissionI’ve always enjoyed the sprightly writing of Nikki Silverstein, and as...


Life During Wartime

After the end of the world, the lights are still bright in Chicago’s Loop; there’s a veneer of normalcy, as long as you’re in...

From Iran with Love

Odd Pairing

Shakespeare in Loud

Dramatic Mouthful

Sacred Land

Space Force

Habit Forming

Telling Tubbies


ARIES (March 21–April 19) During the coming weeks, everything that needs to happen will indeed happen only if you surprise yourself on a regular...

Advice Goddess

Q: I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years. I thought I was super-happy, but I recently got a crush on a co-worker. Now...

Surfin’ Curds

Advice Goddess


Advice Goddess