Jun 29, 2022

Trivia – Week of 06/29/2022

1 The roof and exterior walls of the Marin County Civic Center are painted in what two colors, which mimic its environment? 2 How many months of the year have 31 days? 3 What ice cream flavor did Ben...
Photo by Rob Martel DANCE Simon Pearl makes moves with the ensemble.
Jun 29, 2022

Fancy Footwork – Transcendence returns

By Beulah F. Vega  Transcendence Theatre Company opens their 2022 season with Let’s Dance! Conceived by Luis Salgado, Matt Smart and Amanda M. Stuart, the production offers Transcendence’s standard formula of combining familiar faces and music with dance...
omnishred secure shredding
omnishred secure shredding
Jun 29, 2022

Astrology – Week of 06/29/22

ARIES (March 21-April 19): In her poem, “Two Skins,” Bahamian writer Lynn Sweeting writes, “There is a moment in every snake’s life when she wears two skins: one you can see, about to be shed, one you...
Jun 22, 2022

Trivia – Week of 06/22/22

1 This treelike southern California plant was so named because its greatly extended branches resembled the outstretched arm of a biblical figure. What unusual...
Jun 22, 2022
‘9 to 5, the Musical’ clocks in at 6th Street By Harry Duke  It’s been over 40 years since Dolly Parton made her film debut in 9 to...
ARIES (March 21-April 19): Aries actor Marilu Henner has an unusual condition: hyperthymesia. She can remember in detail voluminous amounts of past events. For instance, she...
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Photo by Kevin Berke INSIDE OUT Tyler Miclean and Denmo Ibrahim star in the West Coast debut of Adam Rapp’s ‘The Sound Inside.’
Audiences who don’t mind leaving a theater a bit unsettled would do well to check out the West Coast premiere of Adam Rapp’s The Sound Inside...
Photo courtesy of Universal Studios BITE ME Lon Chaney, Jr. as 'The Wolfman'
By Daedalus Howell It all began in a community college course circa 1993 when Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf met my contrarian attitude toward required reading. I ached through a...
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