Hero & Zero

Zero A Marin teen may be the most offensive person in the county. Her YouTube channel, with almost a million...

Broadband Plays On

Jared Huffman’s had it with the big telecoms when it comes to providing reliable rural broadband service to parts of his congressional district. He’s...

Capital Intensive


Hero & Zero

Out of Joint

Economics of the Death Penalty

I’m a capital habeas attorney. I was very interested in your article (“Capital Intensive,” May 15, 2019) as I felt like I’d been hit...

Doggone Pet Owners

I am writing in response to the “Heroes and Zeroes” that ran last week. The writer has a consistent bias against cyclists and assumed...


Summer of Love

As the lights dim in the packed house, a giant projection screen behind the stage displays clips from the 1970 documentary film Woodstock. The...

The Busy Season

Black Light

Musical Messages

Abstract Rhythms

Memory Lane

Rio Bravo

Full Moon

Final Fight

Advice Goddess

Q: I’m a 6’2” woman. What's the ideal way for me to respond when people (almost always men and total strangers) ask, out of...


ARIES (March 21-April 19): In the coming weeks, I suspect you will have the wisdom to criticize yourself in constructive ways that will at...

Hot Sips

Rocks and Rolling

Advice Goddess