Apr 25, 2023

Be Afraid

The huntsman lifts his ax, but finds he doesn’t have the heart to strike the young maiden. He sobs for her forgiveness and explains that he was ordered by the wicked queen. Snow White flees into the forest, terror-stricken by the evil plot that had come to her innocent...
Dec 13, 2022

Dream Lover

Nov 29, 2022

Enter the Dragon: Harnessing primal energy

“What are you afraid of?” Merlin asks the young Arthur. “I don’t know!” cries the lad, stunned after having withdrawn...
Sep 21, 2022

Learning To Get By in Strange Times

A recent study revealed that a majority of Americans think our best days are behind us. This confirms the view...
Aug 24, 2022

The Soul’s Energy Field

The three-part division of the human being into body, soul and spirit is all but universal. Now, knowing you...
Aug 17, 2022

Finding Meaning on a Ship of Fools

Life is like a journey aboard a steamship. We did not ask to be here, and we can’t get...
Jul 27, 2022

Art of Living from the Romans

When we complain how our education system doesn’t prepare young people with the skills they need for real life,...
Photo by Kedar Gadge SPLASH Making the profane sacred with a little H20.
Jul 6, 2022

Depth Charge – Swimming With Poseidon

By Christian Chensvold Let’s skip—for a moment—whether or not the gods exist. That is, whether the seven “planetary governors” known...
Jun 22, 2022

Do Nothing

The most difficult endeavor By Christian Chensvold Here’s a simple test to check your health that doesn’t require any medical paraphernalia...
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