.Nish Nadaraja

May 22, 2024

Sun Valley’s Carl Spitzer

Carl Spitzer has been taking care of his neighbors since 1995, first as an ER doctor at MarinHealth, and now providing ketamine therapy for...
May 15, 2024

Lucas Valley’s Christie Tyreus

Christie Tyreus founded her award-winning Sausalito-based architecture firm, Tyreus Architecture + Design, in 2011. What do you do? We design highly custom homes that create meaningful...
May 8, 2024

Campus Man: College of Marin’s Jonathan Eldridge

Jonathan Eldridge grew up in Washington State, but his career in higher education has led him down the coast to Marin. At the moment,...
Apr 30, 2024

Mariah Nielson: Curator, Art Historian

Mariah Nielson is the director of the JB Blunk Estate, as well as Blunk Space, a gallery dedicated to expanding the pioneering sculptor’s lasting...
Apr 23, 2024

‘The Marin Dad’: Marinfluencer Adam Cohen

Even before I interviewed Adam Cohen, I already felt like I knew the guy, and that’s all thanks to his hilariously on-point social media...
Apr 16, 2024

On the Record: Watts Music’s Darin Chace

Record Store Day is April 20, so I thought, why not sit down with Darin Chace, owner of Watts Music in Novato? Appropriately enough...
Apr 10, 2024

The Time Is ‘Now’: Strawberry’s Susan Hauser

Susan Hauser’s name inevitably comes up when people talk about yoga in Marin. As someone who can barely touch his toes, even I knew...
Apr 2, 2024

Mill Valley Artist Christopher Chaffin

Christopher Chaffin enjoyed a 30+ year career in San Francisco as an art director/creative director, but I only discovered him after coming across his...