Letter: ‘You are not a Marinite.”

Where’s the Mellow?

So it’s finally happened. The newly-minted Marinites with their imperious, pretentious, self-centered, self-important bad attitudes and worse manners have managed to drive away Peter Coyote, one of our local treasures. I can’t say I blame him, though. I have lived here since 1975 when Mill Valley was laid-back and cool, [with] rock stars and artists and hippies and people from all economic backgrounds. I have only recently felt ashamed to be from here, suffering from the black eye the newer demographic of “southern” Marin has given the county.  (“Southern” Marin?  Who started saying that anyway?  I never heard that growing up and I’ll bet it wasn’t someone who has lived here more than 15 years.)

I never thought I would ever want to leave Marin but it has started crossing my mind. We aren’t able to move because we own the buildings our business is in and we have quite a few employees, so I have decided to wage a war of attrition, called Take Back Mellow Marin, where I counter a random act of rudeness with a deliberate act of kindness. I invite others who care to join me. And to those of you who think it’s okay to scream and throw your car keys at someone who works at a very nice high-end car dealership that shall be unnamed, please leave and take your friends with you. You are not a Marinite.

Leslie Maendl, “Northern” Marin (Thank God!)

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