.Style: Clothing that tips the scales

Approach your New Year's style with flattering trends

by Katie Rice Jones

Let’s face it; pouring on the holiday cheer tends to also pour on the pounds. When January finally rolls around, most of us are looking for ways to detox and trim down. Hence we buy gym memberships, start fad diets, and do cleanses. However, even the most “tried and true” weight loss methods are bound to fall short of your expectations (go figure!) if, at the same time, you are wearing the wrong clothes. Yes, wearing the wrong kind of clothing can visually counteract any of your New Year weight loss methods and be very effective at tipping the scales in the wrong direction. That’s why it’s important to understand which fashion designs and modes of dressing fatter you.

Tight pieces
Tight pieces accentuate weight gain, while fitted or tailored separates diminish it. 

Small-ish separates
You will always look thinner in something that is a little too big, while trying to squeeze into something too small will look like you should have sized-up.

Baggy with baggy
To avoid looking massive, never pair baggy with baggy (see photo). If you want to wear an oversized sweater, pair it with either leggings or skinny jeans.

Large-scale prints
Prints are hot this season, but tread carefully when you wear them. Large-scale prints add dimension and volume to your body.

Layers on layers
Just like when wearing baggy clothes, your outfit should balance fitted layers with loose layers.

Shapeless jackets
Don’t hide your weight gain under an oversized, shapeless jacket. It isn’t helping.  Voluminous jackets with little to no waist definition will make you appear larger.

Shiny separates
Sequin and metallics reflect light, thus casting you in a bigger light.

Bulk accessories
From oversized bags to jewelry to snoods, bulky accessories do little to elongate and slim your body.

Katie Rice Jones is the Pacific Sun’s lifestyle editor-at-large, a Marin-based style expert and author of the maternity fashion book titled ‘Fashion Dues & Duen’ts; a Stylist’s Guide to Fashionably Embracing Your Baby Bump’ (Know Act Be Books, 2014). Available NOW at Amazon.com. Learn more at FashionDue.com.

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