.Open Mic: Petaluma Standard Time

If you’re ever in doubt as to the time

There’s a clock shop here in town

Offering the hour of the day

To four locations without a chime

The local hour here in town

One for Manhattan and organized crime

Another for Tokyo if so inclined

Time for Denver and that piece of mind

The hour hands each tell a differing story

As do the minutes which makes one worry

Welcome to where time stands still

In this beautiful tree-lined little town

Known for the Great Petaluma Mill

We enjoy taking things slow up here

Welcoming all comers

The Sonoma County Fair

Our opera houses and vaudeville acts of yore

Brainerd Jones’ renowned architecture

And …

While the times on the clocks may not rhyme

A stroll down the boulevard, our wooden bridge

The World’s Egg Basket offers you

More than you know

Regardless of the season

Whatever time it actually is

Paul Cheney lives in Petaluma.
Pacific Sun
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