Letters: Scare Tactic

We’ve seen a surge in propaganda from our rogue Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick lately.

In recent weeks, the Sheriff launched a campaign of major scare tactics and hangdog pleas asking the public to complain about a budget cut called for by the Board of Supervisors across all county agencies. This cut will force him to sell Henry 1, the rescue helicopter we all love, he says. And, apart from the time Essick summoned the copter to impress guests at a private party hosted by a wealthy donor, Henry 1 and crew do great work. 

What Essick isn’t saying is that he has a whopping budget of $184 million, the lion’s share of the entire County budget, and he’s been asked to reduce spending by only 8 percent, around $14 million. He’s also not mentioning that the annual budget for Henry 1 is just slightly over $2 million a year. 

Mr. Essick, you can’t manage a $2 million cut from your $184 million? I don’t believe that for a minute. It’s a ploy, people, don’t fall for it!

Kathleen Finigan

Santa Rosa

Be Proper

Most protesters are peaceful, but some are not. Some observers say “violent” protestors are ONLY damaging property. Property damage is much less egregious than damage to people, but it’s also counter-productive. Property is God to some Americans. Try convincing Trump supporters that it’s ONLY property being damaged.

I get it, having been involved in violence myself during the Vietnam era. I think it’s counterproductive now though, due to the upcoming election. Cooler heads must prevail. We had great political leaders during the ’60s. I don’t hear about any leaders at all now.

People say, “Anybody but Trump,” but their actions are improving his re-election chances. Can they not realize this?

Robert Feuer

Camp Meeker

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