.Best Place To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Angel Island

Usually, the Best of Everyday category is relegated to the stores, shops and businesses Marinites use on a regular basis. And I dig that. I even grok that. But my choice is a bit different. Ever the post-apocalyptic aficionado, I find myself asking, what is the best everyday place to survive a zombie apocalypse in Marin County? I think we all know there’s only one answer.

Angel Island is a charm to behold, even from a distance, during the most peaceful of times. I have bicycled it, explored its beaches and ruins, and gazed wistfully from its peak to distant points across the Bay. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful, and by God, it’s begging to become the last bastion of bucolic sanity in the zombie-infested world of tomorrow.

Here’s why: It’s a true island, separated from the mainland. Yet, it’s sheltered by the Bay. It’s reachable by boat, raft, canoe, hovercraft, helicopter, parachute and ultralight, and it has buildings and picnic areas on it. It’s hikeable, bikeable and driveable. It has beaches, roads and paths; and a marina and a ferry terminal. It is mountainous and offers a view. At 740 acres, it’s big enough to hold a lot of people.

When the zombie apocalypse happens, Marinites will need to quickly get themselves to the island by any means necessary, ferry or no, with as many supplies as they can carry. I’m talking canned food, packaged food, bottled water, gasoline, propane, camping gear, seeds, radios, batteries, hand tools and arrows. Lots of arrows. I may even see you there. I’m the tall, friendly viking who requires protein but little else, and who happily lends a hand to most any endeavor.

In the meantime, get yourself over to Angel Island and familiarize yourself with its landscape so that when it becomes your new everyday everything, you’re good to go.


—Mark Fernquest

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