.Letter: ‘I think he should up his game’

No point in trying

Hunter Sykes of Access4Bikes believes we should “share the trails,” but I think he should up his game and insist we “share the sidewalks.” After all, if bikes are OK on a narrow, bumpy dirt surface with poor traction, they would be even better on a wider, smooth concrete surface with great traction. Also the use of phrases like “trail conflict” and “educating trail users” is completely inaccurate. There is no “conflict,” there is simply one user group whose activity endangers and disrupts others. No other user group needs educating; only mountain bikers need to be taught how not to endanger and disrupt others. Besides, you cannot educate bikers contrary to the nature of their activity anyway, so there’s no point to bother trying.

Carlo Gardin

Pacific Sun
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