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Strong and dedicated

Dear Editor,

Thank you for mentioning the expansion of the two great marine sanctuaries off our coast: Cordell Bank and Greater Farallones, in the recent article, ‘Mystery Whales,’ [June 10]. It states the sanctuary expansion ‘makes it possible to regulate activities that could be detrimental to the ecosystem, such as commercial shipping speeds and fishing.’ With regard to fishing, however, to clarify: Sanctuaries do not consider fishing activities themselves to be detrimental. In fact, our work to ensure the health of the marine ecosystem helps fisheries and wildlife to thrive. It is left to other agencies and trade groups to regulate and manage them.

With the waters to the north now designated as sanctuaries, they are protected from dumping, habitat destruction, petroleum exploration and development, seafloor mining and other injurious activities. And we’re proud to have new north-coast recruits join our strong and dedicated volunteer force of citizen scientists to help us carry out our work of ocean conservation, education, research and stewardship.

Mary Jane Schramm, Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

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