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Off the Rails

For Will Carruthers (and Peter Byrne), on the “Freight Railroad” and preceding article (“Train Lines,” News, Nov. 10; “Freight Railroad,” News, Nov. 3): What an excellent work of investigative reportage!

Even before SMART there were serious questions as to the railroad. But with all the “players” in recent history I had no idea how complicated the whole “mess” was. 

Good work! Deserves a Pulitzer!

Lou Olker


Time Change Resistance

I am sorry to say that M. Giotis, like many “revolutionaries” in history, has his conclusions totally bass-ackward (“Time Change Revolt!” Open Mic, Nov. 3).

Here is the way I see it: This month we in the U.S. should, and will, revert to natural time, also called standard time. This is what should be meant by “real time,” but in that letter it is not.

This kind of utter stupidity is too often the result of angry thinking. We are, in fact, as of Nov. 4, in altered time. Daylight Savings Time.

This month we will “fall back” to natural time. And that should then be our resting state.


Carl Sokol

Sonoma County

Ending an Article

Greetings. My request is for a symbol at the very end of each article you print, so it’s obviously done. Sometimes reading alone does not make that clear.

Simple possibilities would include a big period, asterisk, solid square block, etc.

Please consider this for the psychological sense of completion it would provide!

BTW, I do enjoy your variety and depth of topics.

Julie Roby

Marin County

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