.Flashback . . . Food!

March 20, 1969


Misgivings of some people in Novato about a Tiajuana Tacos place have prove well-founded . . . and not a taco has yet crossed the counter. When the building inspector checked the foundation, he found that it had been placed 16 feet closer to Novato Creek than had been approved. The chain was ordered to take out the foundation and plumbing and do it again the proper way. When the application first came up, there was a low moan in Novato. Various city groups are trying hard to upgrade the downtown area; while at the same time the city threatens to be inundated by take-out food spots and gas stations of dubious esthetic appeal. . . .

January 17, 1974

Public Notice: County of Marin Fictitious Name Statement No. 103595

The following person is doing business as MCDONALD’S HAMBURGERS OF NOVATO. This business is conducted by ARCHES OF GOLD INC. . . .

May 10, 1985

King of Cheese Is Cheese of Kings

Homo Liberalis, apparently a dying species if you believe the prognoses of political analysts, will go down in history as having been fond of brie cheese. What is the evidence? In the thick of the 1980 presidential campaign, our then-revered commentator, Walter Cronkite, characterized John Anderson’s liberal constituency as one made of people who who “drive Volvos and dine on brie.” In one fell swoop he successfully branded the political ethos of millions of voters by telling us something about what they like to put in their mouths. Perhaps unbeknownst to Cronkite, however, brie has been in the political limelight before. . . .

Karen Brooks

Jan. 8, 1997

Out to Lunch

In an archetypal scene from countless American films, the weary protagonist, after a hard day battling crime or helping the downtrodden, steps into a local cafe for a good hot meal. The warm-hearted proprietor, who’s seen them come and go, understands the star’s mood without asking and swiftly brings a menu, offering a cup of coffee, a pat on the shoulder and a bit of homespun advice on the blue plate special or the vicissitudes of life. Duly refueled and rejuvenated, our hero or heroine squares his or her shoulders and saunters back out to fight the good fight with renewed vigor.

In a cafe at the north end of Sausalito, the customers are less likely to be gallant defenders of the faith than high-tech computer wiz kids, sailors or artists, and Kitti’s Cal-Asian menu is definitely not traditional American fare. Still, the aforementioned image best conveys my experience of Kitti’s Place. . . .

Lois MacLean

March 16, 2005

Heart & Soul

How soulful can we get? Two appealing little restaurants have appeared recently with home-style nourishing as their philosophy, both featuring reasonably priced foods. December brought the debut of Sol Food in San Rafael, Marin’s first eatery serving Puerto Rican specialities. In Tam Junction, a spot known as Smoothie Love morphed into Cafe del Soul, serving organic salads, wraps, stir-fried dishes and—yes—smoothies. While it’s an organic restaurant, it is not vegan. This is definitely the place to seek out if you’re looking for a righteously healthful meal or snack. . . .

Pat Fusco

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