Letter: ‘It’s a childhood disease not tragedy …’

Measles shmeasles!

The measles outbreak that originated in Disneyland is now big news, but should it be? Should it be used by public health officials and pediatricians to create a panic, to push the MMR vaccine, which includes measles?
There are plenty of people old enough to remember when they were kids and got measles, and all their friends got measles, and that no one died. The constant bleating of public health officials claiming that measles is not trivial, that it can have serious, even fatal consequences, is a lie of outrageous magnitude. On the local TV news, I have seen a clip of a well-meaning, but confused mother talking about the “tragedy” of measles. It’s a childhood disease … not a tragedy. Research has shown that exposure to childhood diseases confers a certain amount of protection to cancer. Childhood diseases help a child’s immune system to develop, to mature.

“Authorities” are using the measles outbreak from Disneyland to stigmatize the anti-vaccination movement and, eventually, to prevent parental choice. Media sources have even referred to Orange County, California, the location of Disneyland, as a “hotbed of the anti-vaccine movement.” This sort of offensive language is meant to suggest a cult. No, it is the pro-vaccination crowd who are the unscientific cultists, who follow whatever the doctor says, whatever the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, no matter how blatantly dangerous and wrong-headed.

The obvious truth is that, in the last 50 years, children are far sicker than ever. The biggest change has been the number of vaccinations, from four or five, to now 70-plus vaccinations by the first grade. Besides questionable biological material, every vaccine contains neurotoxins and immunotoxins, chemicals that poison the nervous and immune systems, respectively. It is common sense that putting poisons into a child’s body, over and over, will cause serious disease. Yes, I know, you have been told, over and over, that the link between vaccines and autism has been discredited. How can you poison a child to health?

The whole concept of herd immunity is a blatant fiction. Either vaccines work, or they do not. If a vaccine is supposed to prevent a particular disease, why does nearly everyone have to be vaccinated for it to work?

This isn’t science; this is marketing. To top it off, outbreaks of measles and other diseases have been documented in fully vaccinated populations. This disproves the efficacy of vaccination, and of herd immunity, simultaneously.

The “authorities,” who I consider “medical Nazis,” are telling you that not vaccinating your child is not a personal choice, because it, allegedly, affects others. This is pseudoscience, just like the eugenics movement in the early part of the 20th century, where those considered physically or medically unfit, were forcibly sterilized by government. Some were even killed. “They” want to take away your choice as a parent and as an individual. Laws have been passed, and are being proposed, in California and other states, to further restrict health freedom. Stand against the tyranny of Big Brother in a White Coat!

What to do to protect your children’s health? Make sure that they eat right, and, most importantly, free their immune systems by freeing their nervous systems through regular, wellness chiropractic care. Instead of fighting disease, pursue health!

Don Harte, Corte Madera

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