.Letter: ‘We were on the same team, or so many believed it …”

Going Medieval on your MMS

The discussion centered around vaccinating children, or not, is more than simply the latest example of a lack of trust in science and social institutions in the modern world.

It is also an example of the emerging weaknesses of social context.

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When new vaccines were introduced into society in the post-World War II era, there was in place a social context of progress and advancement that arose out of a prior technological marvel, victory in the war.

That massive cooperative effort created among Americans, and others, a context of faith in general prosperity.

We were on the same team, or so many believed. It could be said that, during the time, we found shelter from the storm within each other.

That team feeling is gone. Whether it broke down over Hiroshima, Inchon, Da Nang, Nixon, OPEC, Patty Hearst, All In The Family, the Iran hostage crisis, the Reagan disaster, Israel, Iraq, climate change, same-sex marriage, meth, guns, Google, Harbaugh, or Afghanistan makes little difference.

It is gone and isn’t coming back. We’re now at a point where we have to think about pulling Johnny out of school because Susie’s parents won’t bring her to get her shots.

It doesn’t matter that Susie’s parents’ views are medieval, that they have chosen to apply trash science to the health of their kids. They have their beliefs and we shall honor them to our disadvantage.

In studies of comparative history, this is called a period of decline. It could last another 50 years, or 20, or 10.

So let’s enjoy the concluding dark ages of the American experiment while we can.

Skip Corsini, San Carlos

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  1. Is Vaccination a Religion?

    Measles is a serious disease, and not to be made light of and very young children, the malnourished (low vitamin A levels) and the immune compromised are at the greatest risk for complications. However, without the vaccine mortality from Measles had already dropped by 98% in 1955 from where it was 50 years previously – 0.03 deaths per 100,000.

    The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices presumes immunity (based on antibody response) to the illness in individuals who have received two doses of live measles virus–containing vaccine – the MMR, or have laboratory evidence of immunity.

    Although cases of measles have occurred among people who meet these criteria, it was believed on faith that those who develop measles despite vaccination have not been shown to transmit it to others.

    But secondary measles transmission by those who have received two doses of MMR is possible.

    You can’t count on herd immunity is herd immunity is an illusion. The MMR even when fulfilling all its potential only deals with a single aspect of the immune system. There is so much more to the immune system than just developing a few antibodies.

    And if this were true, there should be plenty of examples, which there are. In 1985, a measles outbreak occurred in Corpus Christi, Texas – a virtually fully immunized (>99%) school population. “We conclude that outbreaks of measles can occur in secondary schools, even when more than 99 percent of the students have been vaccinated and more than 95 percent are immune.”

    Vaccinated children spread and shed this virus that they receive from the vaccine, and so one can postulate that when the virus back mutates to its more virulent form many individuals will get full Measles. And that is just what happens.

    In 1988, 69% of all school-aged children in the U.S. who contracted measles were adequately vaccinated.(CDC. Measles. MMWR 1989; 38: 329-30) In 1995, 56% of all measles cases in the U.S. occurred in people who were vaccinated.(Gold E. Current progress in measles eradication in the U.S. Infect Med 1997; 14(4): 297-310.) So, there is a chance you can still get measles even if you have the vaccine – a really big chance.

    One of the reasons is vaccine “immunity” is artificial and as Measles is so rare, almost no one who is vaccinated ever encounters the wild virus, for if they did it would boost their immune response and maintain antibody levels (exogenous boosting).

    But alas that is speculation, so we return to the facts on the ground… two rounds of the MMR vaccine in more than 90% of school children is not enough to prevent outbreaks; therefore it is argued that the vaccinated are placed at risk of getting measles if exposed to the unvaccinated, because the unvaccinated are the problem (not that the MMR doesn’t work, etc.). At the same time authorities will argue that the unvaccinated are getting a free ride of protection from the 90%, because herd immunity is protecting them even though they didn’t contribute to the herd. In other words, we are being told the unvaccinated risk giving the Measles to the vaccinated while at the same time the unvaccinated are protected from getting Measles by the vaccinated. Huh?

    You might want to read: http://www.naturalnews.com/gallery/documents/Merck-False-Claims-Act.pdf
    Here two Merck virologists call out Merck for producing a worthless vaccine.

    Are we supposed to lose our rights of informed consent and parental choice over a hoax?

    Don’t believe that lawsuit? read this one: http://www.naturalnews.com/gallery/documents/Chatom-Lawsuit-Merck-Mumps.pdf

    Measles is not a fun disease, but it is not Ebola. It was on its way out here in the USA because by the time the 50’s rolled around Americans were able to reap the benefit of a safe water supply and better nutrition.

    The MMR vaccine has limited uselfulness and is not a benign intervention. The antibody response it creates does not fully protect against the disease and if it does at all that protection is short lived. Because wild measles is so rare no one is getting their own immunity boosted by the occassional contact with the virus.

    Herd immunity is an illusion, and immunity from Measles after getting the MMR is more of a (false) hope than a reality.

    While the unvaccinated are almost always going to get Measles if exposed to it, it seems the vaccinated often fare no better, because the MMR just doesn’t work. The vaccine seems to be a hoax (as per the above False Claims complaint and Class Action noted above).

    When children used to get Measles it just wasn’t such a big deal, because for most Measles is not a big deal, especially if you have acces to Vit A.

    When you have a medical intervention that doesn’t work you blame those who are smart enough not to get it and divert attention away from the fact your intervention is worthless. After all what do you have to lose as a member of Big Pharma… you are indemnified.

    Last…computer modeling reveals that giving the MMR actually increases the cases of measles over time…. but these are things “they” don’t want you to know.. by 2050 it is projected that there will be more measles cases even if everyone is vaccinated then there were pre-vaccination.

    I support your right to have your vaccination religion, but don’t make me take an intervention that is neither benign nor effective because “They say so!”

    The public has been sold a pile of goods that are rotten to the pharma. The public needs to know that the current media hysteria over measles is a controlled effort to divert attention away from CDC whistle blowers who have finally been given protection.

    The measles is about to hit the fan, but I will support your right to practice your religion, just don’t force it on others.

    • No.

      Vaccines are science. The anti-vaccination movement is a cult.

      Your posting of known conspiracy theory sites is a sure sign you are unable to discern reality from fantasy.

      It’s sad your license has not been revoked. I would think that the medical board would like to know that you are specifically violating the Hippocratic Oath by causing doubt about vaccines in the minds of mis-educated parents who are paranoid about an outcome that does not exist.

      Vaccinate your kids people. It is their best hope for a healthy life. Organic kale is nutritionally the same as other kale. Your immune system cannot fight measles or any of the other vaccine preventable diseases without help. You child can die from it.

      Just sad.

  2. Once again a shot at Reagan, this time “his disaster”. Mr. Corsini is now added to those who can’t help themselves. That statement has no context, is typically low information, along with a few other examples he sites, wanders all over the place continuity. Oh well. But I’m glad he and others are here to exercise their valuable free speech, and teach us how much more we must do to bring together diverse opinions while operating as a ten to help the country.


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