Letter: ‘We were on the same team, or so many believed it …”

Going Medieval on your MMS

The discussion centered around vaccinating children, or not, is more than simply the latest example of a lack of trust in science and social institutions in the modern world.

It is also an example of the emerging weaknesses of social context.

When new vaccines were introduced into society in the post-World War II era, there was in place a social context of progress and advancement that arose out of a prior technological marvel, victory in the war.

That massive cooperative effort created among Americans, and others, a context of faith in general prosperity.

We were on the same team, or so many believed. It could be said that, during the time, we found shelter from the storm within each other.

That team feeling is gone. Whether it broke down over Hiroshima, Inchon, Da Nang, Nixon, OPEC, Patty Hearst, All In The Family, the Iran hostage crisis, the Reagan disaster, Israel, Iraq, climate change, same-sex marriage, meth, guns, Google, Harbaugh, or Afghanistan makes little difference.

It is gone and isn’t coming back. We’re now at a point where we have to think about pulling Johnny out of school because Susie’s parents won’t bring her to get her shots.

It doesn’t matter that Susie’s parents’ views are medieval, that they have chosen to apply trash science to the health of their kids. They have their beliefs and we shall honor them to our disadvantage.

In studies of comparative history, this is called a period of decline. It could last another 50 years, or 20, or 10.

So let’s enjoy the concluding dark ages of the American experiment while we can.

Skip Corsini, San Carlos

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