.Hero & Zero: A goose guardian & self-entitled morons

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Many of the geese that descended upon Blackie’s Pasture during the spring and summer packed up and headed south within the last couple of weeks, except for a few stragglers. One left behind is injured and another is his or her BFF. Jerry Bernstein, of Mill Valley, took an interest in the gimpy goose and has kept an eye on it for more than a month. “The leg appears a bit better, but not entirely healed,” Bernstein reports. Yet, the second goose impresses him most. This agile fowl has accompanied the battered bird for weeks and still remains with it. Geese take mating for life seriously. “This is my current hero,” Bernstein says. “An unnamed Canadian goose of unidentified gender who is loyal to the end.”

Zero: During the afternoon commute, a long line of cars head north on 101 waiting to exit onto Sir Francis Drake and then go east towards the Richmond Bridge. Most endure the wait as traffic inches forward, and like good neighbors allow cars to cut in where two lanes merge. Other drivers fly by in the second lane from the left and appear as though they will go through the traffic light at the end of the ramp and back onto the freeway. Except when they reach the signal, they ignore the sign which forbids a right turn, and turn anyway. Drivers in the appropriate lane miss their opportunity over and over to merge onto Sir Francis Drake, due to these self-entitled morons. Where are the cops?

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