.Who’s Worried?

It has been three months since Congress passed the bill that gave many $1,200, while leaving others out. There has been nothing to help with rents and mortgages or to help landlords, which means a HUGE housing crash when the economy opens up and 25 percent of us get eviction notices.

Is Congress worried about the homeless? No. Is Congress worried about families with an undocumented immigrant that didn’t get the check? No. What about starving students, most of which, it seems, did not get a check? Is Congress worried about them? No.

Well, what IS Congress worried about? They’re worried about renaming military bases named after Confederates, they’re worried about some story about Russian bounties, which even if it’s true, wouldn’t be anything new between the two countries. We’ve been fighting proxy wars, trying to use others to kill each other, for decades. And they’re worried about November. That’s right, elections. Rep. Anna Eshoo even has a bill that addresses microtargeting of political ads.

But if Members of Congress were REALLY worried about November (hint: it’s more profitable being the opposition party) they would want you, the voters, to see that they truly cared about you and your ability to survive this crisis. They would be fighting for Medicare For All and would be saying, over and over if they had to, that “we have to get the people some help.” If YOUR Representative and Senators aren’t doing THAT, I guess you know where they stand.

What can you do? Well, you can start by contacting your elected representatives and telling them what you want them to support. Demand they fight for you. And you can share this information and advise others to do the same. Will it make any difference? It depends on how many people contact them.

Jason Kishineff

American Canyon

Pacific Sun
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