.Tickled By Pickles

I want to compliment writer James Knight on the Life of Brine article (June 12) and his writing. It was informative and I’ll try the pickled stuff, but mostly it was a treat to read. Some of the turns of phrases are so clever and funny that it kept me happily reading in anticipation of the next ones. Thank you!

Peggy Ridge, Fairfax

No War on Iran

I call on the United States government to cancel its perilous plans for war strikes on Iran. The U.S. is already close to war with Russia. And the world is filled with many other areas of escalating conflicts and deadly violence. And the plain truth is that military confrontation with Iran will bring only more death and destruction to humanity thus making world peace more impossible than ever before. It will only bring the entire world closer to the abyss from which stopping global warming and ending the frightening nuclear arms race may no longer be attainable.

Going to war with Iran is continuing on the mad path that can only lead to humankind’s eventual suicide in a final World War III. So it is up to us, the ordinary people of the world, to assert our right to continue to exist on this miraculous planet Earth. It is our responsibility to prevent our own self-destruction by demanding that our politicians cancel their preparations for yet another pointless war.

The United States should restore the “nuclear deal” with Iran, end its sanctions against them and plan for a future of genuine human fulfillment and joyous living.

Rama Kumar, Fairfax

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