.Hero & Zero: Firefighter heroes and reckless cyclists

by Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Helmets off to the courageous firefighters throughout Marin. More than 100 are battling raging wildfires in Lake County and other areas of California, while many of those staying behind are working seven days a week to keep us safe. We’ve managed to keep them busy, too. Crews responded to three suspicious fires in Novato, Marinwood and Hamilton last Friday afternoon and quickly contained each one. Though several acres burned, people and homes remained unscathed. An unusual incident the following evening required the expertise of several fire departments. Caught in hazardous conditions on Tomales Bay, 54 kayakers on a paddle tour were rescued last Saturday night and early Sunday morning during a response led by the Marin County Fire Department. Thanks to our true Heroes.

Zero: Bill was driving on Northern Avenue in Tam Valley, headed towards Shoreline, with a father and son on their bikes ahead of him. The driver kept his distance, to avoid a dangerous situation by passing them. As the duo approached the stop sign at Maple, the father sped ahead of the son to lead him through the intersection. “Both cyclists did a Marin Stop,” Bill said. (According to Bill, a Marin Stop is defined as blowing through a stop sign without bothering to slow down.) Meanwhile, a blue Honda Odyssey was turning from Shoreline onto Maple and had to come to a screeching halt to avoid hitting the bikers. Nice parenting, Pops, for demonstrating your lack of judgment and putting your son in harm’s way.

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