Thirty Years Ago This Week

After AIDS demonstrators shut down the Golden Gate Bridge during the morning commune, directors said they would get tougher in the future. They couldn’t agree how.

—Feb. 10–16, 1989

Forty Years Ago This Week

Plans to turn the former Knights Bridge nightclub at 1618 Second Street in San Rafael into a discotheque have been approved by the San Rafael City Council despite objections from residents in the area. Owner Iraj Bahmanzadh was told Monday night he has 120 days to prove he can provide enough soundproofing and parking to operate the disco without annoying his neighbors.

—Feb. 9–15, 1979

Fifty Years Ago This Week

Girls at Drake High may wear corduroy, striped and flowered boys’ jeans, but not bell bottom trousers. That’s the ruling that is being enforced with the start of the spring semester.

—Feb. 14–20, 1969

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