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Maxine, an 82-year-old resident of The Redwoods in Mill Valley, stumbled and fell down in the crosswalk near her home at Camino Alto and East Blithedale. Nancie Bailey of Muir Beach, a teacher on her way to pick up her children from school, witnessed the accident and jumped into action.

Nancie left her car in standing traffic to assist Maxine. After helping her get up, Nancie escorted her out of the road and over to the sidewalk. The pair determined Maxine shouldn’t walk and Nancie drove her home.

“Angels do exist on earth and Nancie, in her heroic efforts to help an 82-year-old pedestrian, wore her wings that day,” said Maxine.


We were surprised to learn that Big Five Sporting Goods in Northgate One shopping center sells firearms. Not just sporting guns, but semi-automatic weapons. In fact, it’s one of the only places in Marin to purchase guns. As Carolyn Gauthier of Terra Linda points out, this is the same neighborhood store where your children shop for soccer balls and sneakers. The location is within one mile of Terra Linda High School and at least three elementary schools.

“I find it disturbing and unconscionable,” says Gauthier.

A perusal of the Big Five website is a bit unsettling. The store sells 9mm ammunition in boxes of 1,000 and a rifle called the Savage Arms 64 Takedown Semi-Auto, just to name a few of the things we don’t need in Marin. Gauthier will be collecting signatures in front of Big Five starting on Oct. 5 to ask their corporate office to stop selling firearms in Marin County. Support her efforts by signing her petition or contacting Big Five directly at (310) 536-0611.

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Nikki Silverstein
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  1. I couldn’t disagree more with Ms. Gauthier. If Big 5 has managed to sell guns without incident for this long, they should be in the “Heros” category for being an ethical and responsible gun ownership resource. At a time when brick and mortar businesses are struggling, we should not be going after a store that has done nothing wrong and has provided many local teens with their first job. Ms. Gauthier and the other busybodies should find something else to be outraged over. Phil Henry, Terra Linda Class of ’94.


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