As impeachment proceedings officially begin in the House, speculation is turning to how they might end in the Senate. Republican leadership clarified the Senate must take action if the lower chamber approves articles of impeachment against President Trump.

This statement by the Republican leadership is the only communication this Administration feared. This message means Russia (Putin) did the math and Moscow Mitch was informed the Russian puppet will be discarded.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa


What is the difference between the president of the Ukraine and the president of the United States?

The president of the Ukraine is a comedian.

The president of the United States is a joke.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael


Since the Pacific Sun is now a vehicle for advertising (for Budweiser beer of all things!) I’d like to contribute an advertisement for a product I love: the Chevy Bolt (Dining, Sept. 18).

I don’t know why everyone isn’t driving this car. It’s all electric and gets 250 miles to a charge. OK, if you’re a long distance commuter without a place to plug it in, perhaps this isn’t the car for you. But for everyone else this car rocks!

Every time I drive my safety green Bolt I feel smug and self-righteous about not contributing to greenhouse gases and global warming. I know that our individual choices will not by themselves change the world, but they might make a dent.

You never have to breathe exhaust fumes or go to a gas station again! And it has lots of pep. We leased our Bolt from the local Chevy dealer with a rebate from Sonoma Clean Power.

I don’t often watch TV, but when I do the car ads are still promoting big gas guzzling trucks to macho men. WTF! Guys, you can still feel powerful driving the Bolt even if your penis is small. Powerful, smug and self-righteous.

Molly Martin

Via Bohemian.com

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