.Letters to the Editor, Nov. 25

Wrong Mountain

You have no doubt heard from many readers that the correct answer to question 1 (c) in the Nov. 18 edition of “Trivia Cafe” is FALSE because the premise is incorrect. 

California’s highest mountain is Mt. Whitney, not Mt. McKinley. Mt. McKinley is in Alaska and is now officially called Denali.

Tom Conneely

Mill Valley

Good Reads

Great job, Eddie! (“Next Chapter,” Lit, Nov. 18) Awesome you’re writing and telling these stories—they need to be heard.


Via bohemian.com

Robot Talk

RE: “Sorry Siri” by Rita S. Losch (Open Mic, Nov. 18) I can’t stop laughing. And you wonder why I don’t follow Siri driving directions? LOL!

Jane Sneed

San Francisco

Why Hawaii

State Sen. Bill Dodd on Thursday, Nov. 19, defended his participation in a policy conference at a Maui beachfront luxury hotel as the coronavirus surges in California, calling it “business as usual” in his job as a lawmaker.

Last I read Hawaii was careful with mainlanders, so quarantining was not in effect? Who paid for this trip as Sen. Dodd is from a purple county? Couldn’t use Zoom, Live Meeting or GoToMeeting? 

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa

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