.Open Mic: Practicing Gratitude

By Eris Weaver

I have to admit, it’s been a bit harder this year to muster up feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

But just like a challenging uphill workout leaves me tired, invigorated, proud of myself and ultimately stronger, so too does an emotional and psychological workout!

I have been anxious about the pandemic … but grateful that I am healthy, and that those friends and family members who have been infected experienced mild cases.

I have been depressed about having to stay close to home, missing seeing loved ones and going places I love … but grateful that I have a nice home.

I was antsy when the fire-related air quality prevented me from riding … but grateful that I was not in an evacuation zone and that the County had no fatalities.

These emotional juxtapositions have been our reality for the last several months. But what motivates and inspires me more than anything is the way the cycling community has come together and taken care of each other during these challenging times. I feel so fortunate and proud to live here!

I am so grateful for, and proud of, my staff at Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition. They show up every day with passion, grace and humor, and regularly go above and beyond the call of duty. With schools closed and events cancelled, while juggling their kids and spouses as all work from home, they have learned new technologies and retooled our programs to operate in our new, virtual world.

I am grateful for our recent wins in the courtroom, on the roads, and at the ballot box.

I am grateful that many people are riding who haven’t ridden in years. Our group rides, workshops, and events have had a long hiatus, but bike sales are through the roof as more people are getting back in the saddle, experiencing anew the joy of two wheels!

I am grateful for all of you who step up in our mission to make cycling safer and more joyful.

What are you grateful for?

Eris Weaver is the executive director of Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition. Donate to the Coalition’s year-end fundraising campaign now at bikesonoma.org.
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