.Hero & Zero: Compassionate mamas and entitled drivers

by Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Bee aware. Do not hike near a park service vehicle that is using an extending apparatus to cut the brush from the shoulders of a trail. Last Thursday morn, Wendy descended the Fox Trail at Tennessee Valley and passed by that vehicle heading up. Suddenly she was attacked by an angry swarm of bees that had been dislodged by the mower. Stung repeatedly, she ran down the trail screaming. A fearless mother and her teenage daughter stopped to help Wendy remove the buzzing bees caught in her hair. Still in excruciating pain, she returned to the parking area where another mother—with six children—pulled numerous stingers from her scalp. Wendy recovered from the traumatic experience and wants to thank the compassionate women who came to her rescue. Moms rule.

Zero: We’re all frustrated by the traffic on 101 northbound during the afternoon commute. Most drivers pick a lane and stay in it through the bumper-to-bumper mess, because we realize that switching back and forth usually doesn’t get us ahead. Then, there are those entitled individuals who use the exit lanes as their personal roadway, zooming almost to the exit ramp, slamming on the brakes at the last minute and cutting off someone on their left to continue on 101. Worse yet, the folks who actually want to get off at East Blithedale or Paradise or Sir Francis Drake westbound aren’t expecting the abrupt stop by the speeding idiot ahead of them. CHP, ticket these menaces and help the rest of us get home safely.

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