40 Years Ago This Week

There will be no mass burial of Guyana murder-suicide victims in Marin. Spokesman for the Bahia Valley Memorial Park in Novato said that objections by the Novato community and others whose relatives are buried at Bahia caused them to reconsider a proposal to allow the mass burial.

Directors at Bahia Valley at first agreed to consider the idea as a humanitarian gesture, but after receiving about 30 phone calls from Marinites who feared the cemetery would attract swarms of curious sightseers, they notified the federal government a Marin burial was unacceptable.—Jan. 26–Feb. 1, 1979

50 Years Ago This Week

There is a bit of an uproar in Sausalito these days over the proposal to build an apartment complex for “swinging singles” on the site of the old whiskey factory. Objections have been lodged on many grounds, some of them more firm than others.

If the complex doesn’t pass muster because of zoning or building codes or something of that sort, that’s fine. But a disquieting aspect of the debate has been an undercurrent of feeling that swinging single people aren’t “our kind of people.”

On one level the objection is very funny. For decades Sausalito has been a hotbed of swinging single people. If they were to all move out tomorrow, the town’s economy would collapse.—Jan. 24–Jan. 30, 1969


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