.Hero & Zero: A thoughtless couple creates an opportunity

By Nikki Silverstein

A pair of well-known Marin tycoons left a well-respected nonprofit in the lurch. The bad behavior occurred during the live auction at Lifehouse’s Great Chefs and Wineries fundraising event last month. Though others coveted the seven-night Mediterranean cruise on the auction block, our couple placed the $11,000 winning bid. However, when the time came for them to sign their names on the dotted line, they didn’t. “We don’t want it,” they said. Yikes. Who does this to a group doing great work? What a pickle. Too much time had passed since the auction ended and organizers were unable to identify the earlier bidder. With the prize unsold, unfortunately, the agency suffered a sizeable loss. (A nonprofit typically pays a discounted amount for the trip, knowing that they will be reimbursed and then some after the auction.) This could have been the end of a tale of two zeros, but the folks on the receiving end of the misdeed are turning their misfortune upside down by holding a raffle for that amazing seven-night Mediterranean cruise. A mere $100 ticket puts your hat in the ring for the vacation voyage of a lifetime. Best of all, you’ll be supporting Lifehouse, which provides services to people with developmental disabilities in Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco. They are our heroes for handling the difficult situation with aplomb, and we applaud them. As for the couple that started the whole thing, we’re just moving forward. For more information about Lifehouse and the raffle, visit lifehouseagency.org.

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