.Purrfect Time to Adopt a Black Cat

Black cats are a special kind of companion, a kind that is most famously depicted as being the feline familiar of wizards and witches…which is why Halloween is the perfect time to shed some light on a color of cat that is all too often overshadowed.

Although black cats are adorable, they are also (statistically speaking) the least likely to be adopted into a loving home. And while all the orange, white and otherwise colorful kitties get swooped up, black cats usually have to wait much longer than their colorful counterparts.

“We always have black cats up for adoption because they don’t get adopted out as quickly,” explained Lisa Bloch, Marin Humane’s director of marketing and communications (and the proud owner of a black cat called Magic). “Part of it is because it’s hard to take photos of [black cats], but part of it is just that they get overlooked.”

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Unfortunately, being less photogenic and easier to overlook are not the only issues at play when it comes to black cats’ adoptability. Another undeniable factor is the superstitious implication of black cats, painting them as an omen of unlucky things to come—but that superstition is as unfounded as it is fickle.

“Them being unlucky…it’s a superstition based on old myths,” Bloch explained. “For a while though, people were actually afraid to adopt out black cats around Halloween because they thought they’d be adopted for nefarious purposes, but there’s no real backing to that, and we adopt all year.”

Hiss-torically speaking, the reputation of black cats hasn’t always indicated incoming cat-astrophe. In Ancient Egypt, for instance, people revered all colors of cats as descendants of Bastet, aka the goddess cats, and a whole lot of other things, including protection, home and health (especially for women). In essence, black cats were actually considered lucky.

This back and forth of historical luck vs. doom symbolism followed black cats across centuries. While once black cats were considered lucky, soon it was only if the black cat in question was walking toward someone, while walking away was unlucky…then it became bad luck to cross paths with a black cat at all. And once black became associated with the witches of the British Isles only a few centuries ago, this kitty’s superstitious association with the occult and bad luck was set in stone.

But black cats are just as cuddly, playful and cute as any other color of cat, and Marin Humane has a whole host of black kittens and cats ready to light up someone’s life.

“We’re always looking for people to adopt, especially since it is the tail end of kitten season,” Bloch said. “And honestly, all of the black cat kitties I’ve met have been so elegant and sleek and cool—you know how it is; they’re such individuals. I’m a big fan.”

For anyone who wants to adopt a feline companion and give them a forever home starting this fall, pay a visit to Marin Humane, take a gander at the cat adoption webpage at marinhumane.org/adopt/adopt-a-cat-kitten or call ahead to 415.883.4621.


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