Letter: ‘Brushing her teeth at the public restroom …’

Fluoride in the water not enough for some people …

It was a typical beautiful day in Sausalito, as the Golden Gate Transit number 10 bus made its way to its stop at the public restrooms on Bridgeway. The sun was sunning, the tourists were touristing (or whatever tourists do), the Kardashians were Kardashianing (or whatever the Kardashians do), the bikers were biking, the joggers were jogging and a backpacker was brushing her teeth at the public restroom drinking fountain.

Yes, another typical beautiful day—whoa, hold that last sentence. Now, I’m all for a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene, regular professional care, see-your-dentist-twice-annually, no-snacking-between-meals regimen—but witnessing this teeth-shattering, jaw-dropping denture-loosening event had me gritting my you know what.

Kudos to the bus driver who admonished the young woman whose companion quickly gave him the brushoff, reasoning that water would wash everything away. Using that logic, I guess it would be OK to perform other bodily functions in the drinking fountain.

Given that there are lavatories in the public restrooms, wouldn’t that be the obvious place to brush your teeth? Now that’s something we would all lav to happen.

Bill, Mill Valley

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