.Letter: ‘Is ad revenue really that desperate?’

Worst biz-dev application we’ve received yet!

I get it that the Sun printed their April Fools edition three weeks early, but really: Heroes that collect rare and endangered abalone for questionable use in raising money, albeit for a good cause (“needy Marin students”); and Zeros “who should be castrated”?

And surely you jest in perpetuating the rantings of a lunatic [Dr. Harte] who would use his position as a “healer” and his “Jewishness” for wild and inappropriate insinuation directed at his detractors. Is ad revenue really that desperate?

Then we have an inspiring piece on the trials of Olivia Davis, a young singer/songwriter with cystic fibrosis, that unfortunately reads like a plug for her new CD.

Perhaps the publisher’s Page 2 plea for market managers/business developers to join the Sun staff gives us a clue.

Richard Wasserman, Point Arena and Mill Valley

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