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Hundreds of students from Venetia Valley Elementary School delivered cards, drawings and flowers to the Rodef Sholom campus in San Rafael last week. The gifts, shared in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, carried comfort to the campus. The notes contained the sentiments “We Are with You” and “Kindness Is Everything.” Rodef Sholom said the visit from the Venetia Valley students was a true act of neighborliness and brought hope for their shared future.

The annual Homeless Outreach event, hosted by the Sausalito Police Department, provides the anchor-out and homeless communities with a variety of free services and supplies, including medical and dental care, lunch and clothing. Marin Mobile Care, a nonprofit operation, offers the use of a mobile shower trailer at the event. The police say the relaxed atmosphere helps foster communication between officers and attendees. Homeless Outreach takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 13, from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, at Marinship Park in Sausalito.


Erika Bodo submitted a zero about “people who sit in their cars with the engine running, burning fossil fuels and condemning us all to an earlier death.” While sitting in the parking lot outside Starbucks in Marin City last weekend, we watched a truck idle for 25 minutes. We wanted to call out the driver, but chickened out. But Erika did knock on the window of a guy sleeping in his car with his motor running, and asked why he was emitting CO2 without the benefit of motion. He said he was keeping the temperature inside the car at a comfortable level. It was 62 degrees outside. “I’m afraid there are people out there who don’t have enough of a science education to know that running a car is contributing to global warming,” says Erika. That’s optimistic. We’re afraid people just don’t care.

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