.Santa Rosa resident suggests keeping Trump and Biden off 2024 presidential ballot

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Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke described himself as “very happy” with the election of President Donald Trump and has joined other U.S. bishops in calling for President Joe Biden, a Catholic, to be refused communion for his support of abortion laws.

Cardinals swear an oath of fealty to the pope. If this cardinal cannot support his own oath, then he should be removed from the College of Cardinals. I understand that a position for a parish priest in Ukraine is open.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa

Ballot Ballyhoo

I completely agree with letter writer Kimball Shinkoskey (“Letters,” 12/6/23): “Donald Trump must not be on the ballot in any state devoted to the rule of law.” But I wish to go further…

Some states are attempting to pass laws to keep Trump off the 2024 presidential ballot. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if neither Trump nor Biden were on any ballot nationwide? (My apologies for being a teeny weeny bit Corsini.)

Barry Barnett

Santa Rosa


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