.‘Defund’ the Sheriff

Marin, the most orderly, low-crime county in California, should redirect the proposed $6-million-dollar Sheriff’s-budget increase toward more immediate needs.

The Sheriff already regards his heavily equipped department as a “paramilitary” force, which is out of step with the times and Marin’s real needs.

I still object to his use of Stingray listening devices to monitor the calls of Marin’s citizens, along with his connections to the National Security Agency.

Alex Easton-Brown

What’s the Fuss?
Whoa … wait … maybe the cannabis industry would like Jill Ravitch to retire (“Top Cop’s Kerfuffle,” Rolling Papers, June 10), but for other residents of Sonoma County, she is doing exactly what she promised to do when she was elected to office in 2010.

She took an agency that was faltering under the previous administration and focused it on safety. She opened the Family Justice Center, expanding services to victims of family violence, sexual assault, child abuse and elder abuse.

Ravitch, described as a “tough prosecutor” with 27 years of experience, personally took a murder case to trial and won a first-degree conviction. The first in more than 20 years.

Her office has been clearing nearly 3,000 cannabis-related convictions.

Even her detractors (Omar Figueroa) praise her as a “great trial lawyer.” Lawyer and longtime Sonoma County “police watchdog,” Jerry Threet, admits Ravitch brought criminal assault charges against a police officer, but the jury declined to find him guilty.

Jill Ravitch is seeking justice in her work. She is doing the job she was elected to do. Twice.

Cathleen Howell
Santa Rosa

Pacific Sun
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