Letter: A life worth living

The secret to life

Somebody asked me last night if there was a secret to life and, if so, if I knew what it was. Strange conversation on the way home …

Anyways, I got to thinking about what it is that makes a life worth living and I came to a conclusion: A Life Worth Living Is About Knowing What You Live For. For some people it’s creating each individual note in a piece of music. For others it is about enjoying each and every facet of the savory taste of their favorite dish.

For others still it’s about family and sharing every special and magical moment with your loved ones while making memories and building legacies together. There isn’t any one specific or concrete solution that constitutes what it is that makes a life worth living. Simply know what it is you live for and allow your soul to embrace the very essence of your passions. There it is. The Secret To Life is that there isn’t a secret.


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