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‘Plea’ Reply

To Mr. Barnett and anyone like him (re: “Ceasefire Plea,” Nov. 1, 2023): I’m guessing you didn’t get the memo about such terrorist groups as Hamas, PLO, Hezbollah, etc., etc.? Their total commitment to the complete annihilation of every last Jew on the planet?

So, what part don’t you understand? The part where Hamas crossed the line and attacked, raped, tortured, then murdered more than 1,400 innocent Jewish men, women and children? That part? Or maybe how Hamas has put thousands of Palestinians in harm’s way

by using them for shields.

Sir, what you are suggesting is nothing more than typical rhetoric sold by knee-jerk liberals and those on the so-called left. It’s also suicide for Israel. As a Jew, you should know better.

You want a cease-fire? Me too. Then, tell Hamas and their ilk to give up the hostages and surrender. Period! It’s not complicated. Not this time. I, too, am a Jew and certainly not part of any right or left but merely a 70-year-old citizen of this planet.

David Dale

Sonoma Valley

Trump Stumped

At some point in the next year, as a veil of contempt obscures his fading image, former president Donald Trump will tell a judge, “I never worked for me. I only met myself a few times, at parties, but I didn’t learn much about me. The fact is, I hardly know me. I certainly never asked me to do the things all these people have said I asked me to do. There must be some mistake.”

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael


  1. The leaders on both sides want to wipe each other off the of the earth. Hamas is a heinous organization no one doubts that.
    Yet it takes two to tango and both sides are complicit in the destruction of the other. Israel is equipped to fight their own wars. They have enough of a military without our aid anymore. If they want to continue the war, let them do it without our money funding it said for aid to both sides of the fight. That gets my vote. We need our resources here as much as possible. There is plenty of suffering in our own back yard. This should not be a partisan issue.

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