.Letter: ‘I’m not seeing an upside to illegals’

Who said anything about ‘illegal immigrants?’

The Pac Sun’s concern over illegal immigrants’ bike commute is laughable [“Critical Connection,” May 27]. The average Canal resident commutes by bike about three blocks to a hardware store to look for day work. Any who travel further drive or take the bus. As far as concern over these poor people having to brave the perils of traffic, if you came down here you’d see that all the illegals and their descendents ride their bikes on the sidewalks (which is illegal), never on the street. Why? Well, they know their fellow illegals are driving. Now that illegals have drivers’ licenses, they’re storing their cars in the industrial area of Kerner Blvd., taking away parking for employees in the area. Sorry, I’m not seeing an upside to illegals unless you want cheap lawn care.

Carlo Gardin, Fairfax


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