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Palace Market serves up Double Eight Delight

There’s ice cream, and then there’s soft serve: that irresistible, creamy swirl that embodies summer, innocence and pure delight. With origins dating back to the late 1930s, soft serve ice cream has evolved over the decades, offering variations that satisfy all palates.

However, there’s a local version that has managed to elevate the experience to an unparalleled level: the Water Buffalo Milk Soft Serve Gelato at Palace Market in Point Reyes Station.

Nestled in the scenic town of Point Reyes Station, Palace Market is a full-service grocery store specializing in farm-to-table cuisine. And the much-talked-about soft serve gelato offered there has created a buzz that reverberates beyond the confines of the quiet hamlet.

What makes this particular dessert stand out in a world saturated with soft serve ice cream? The secret lies in the primary ingredient: buffalo milk. The Palace Market is among the select few places serving the limited-quantity gelato, made by local Double Eight Dairy, one of only two water buffalo dairies in California.

Known for its higher fat and protein content compared to cow’s milk, buffalo milk imparts a naturally velvety texture and depth of flavor. It’s why Italians have milked water buffalo for centuries to make mozzarella cheese.

The soft serve gelato, with its impeccable balance of sweetness and creaminess, encapsulates the heart of artisanal ice cream. Each swirl serves as a testament to Palace Market’s commitment to quality, showcasing the remarkable potential of local ingredients and products.

A visit to Palace Foods in Point Reyes Station makes one thing clear: Not all soft serve is created equal. The Buffalo Milk Soft Serve Gelato at the Palace Market stands out as the unequivocal champion, offering a taste of the sublime in every lick.

Palace Market is located at 11300 State Route 1, Point Reyes Station. 415.663.1016. palacemarket.com.

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Kary Hess is the author of the poetry collection 1912, creator of the SparkTarot® and producer of the feature film Pill Head. She lives and works in Sonoma County, CA.


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