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Magpie, Fairfax

Since 2008, Magpie has enchanted local shoppers with its romantic, feminine and contemporary vintage selection as only a true consignment shop can.

Unlike a typical thrift store, consignment shops such as Magpie offer an opportunity for shoppers to come and drop off unwanted clothing knowing that, upon its sale, they will receive half the commission. In this, Magpie does so much more than simply take and sell used clothing—rather, it is at the forefront of helping to implement Marin’s most fashionable recycling initiative and is well on its way to saving the planet, one fabulous frock at a time.

“It’s really very satisfying to know we’re keeping stuff out of the landfills, and things are getting recycled, re-loved and reused,” said Magpie’s owner, Anita Newman Fate. “More teenagers are coming in than ever before, too, which is good because they’re very environmentally aware. It’s really great to see that change.”

Newman Fate has been collecting and selling clothing since she was a teenager living in Los Angeles. And, after years of flipping apparel for everyone but herself, she settled on Fairfax as the perfect place to hang her stylish, well-selected hat.

“Magpie is a very personal store to me,” said Newman Fate. “It has a lot of my aesthetic, and I love anything vintage. So it really has that very feminine classic vintage style to it, and I think that makes it unique. And I think it works; it just represents me and is what I feel good doing.”

Magpie is located at 1822 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. in Fairfax and is open from noon to 5:30pm Thursday through Saturday and from noon to 5pm on Sundays. For more information, call 415.258.0200 or stop by for a visit.


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