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Contrary to what one previous reader predicted will happen (“Letters to the Editor, July 17, 2019), the chief racist, rapist, treasonous Trump will take a dump in the next election. The people in the United States by an overwhelming margin will elect a democratic president who can bring back honor, truth, and civility to the White House. They want a president who will instigate human treatment of migrants coming across the border, offer Medicare for all, a living wage and labor rights, free college for those who want it, renewable energy, clean water in Flint, hold Wall Street accountable and tell the truth. I predict on the day of the inauguration, the second the Democratic president is sworn in and Trump becomes an ordinary citizen, a team of FBI agents will descend on Trump, arrest his sorry ass, and carry him off in handcuffs in front of the millions watching on television and in front of millions of cheering citizens watching at the National Mall.

Greg Turner

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Instead of just venting our shock and anger at President Trump, we must remember President Trump’s hateful comments are nothing original or unique. Even our nation’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln, was quoted at a meeting with white farmers as saying he didn’t believe whites and blacks were equal.

The human race is now dangerously divided into many conflicting groups of people: Men and women are barely able to talk together without strongly disagreeing on almost all important issues of life. Many Americans accuse Russia’s president of being the most dangerous leader in the world. And, we often accuse someone who is even sympathetic with Russia, China or North Korea of being a traitor. India and Pakistan are also ready for war at any moment. And, younger and older people rarely speak with each other (forget about becoming friends) unless they are part of the same family.

The current division and turmoil in our nation must become a reminder that humankind cannot survive much longer without seeing that our divisions are not the essence of who we are. Deep down our differences are trivial.

Rama Kumar


By spouting hate-filled rhetoric over the past week, President Trump is successfully obscuring some very disturbing activities that would upset the public if they knew about them. He is also creating a dangerous environment, especially for the four congresswomen who are the objects of his attack.

Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency, for example, should be renamed “The Environmental Destruction Agency.” Trump’s first administrator of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, resigned in disgrace. Andrew Wheeler was then appointed to be administrator of the EPA. Mr. Wheeler is currently also serving as vice president to “The Washington Coal Club,” an organization that meets monthly at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to discuss coal-related topics.

This is just one example of how the loudmouth occupant of the White House is clearly controlling the narrative in order to ram through some very questionable, sometimes illegal, goals. Let’s not lose focus amidst the smokescreen of tweets.

Nadia Silvershine

San Rafael

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  1. My sentiments on trump simply are…this is not a president, not a leader, not a great mind, not a success, not a billionaire, not a businessman, not an iconoclast, not a negotiator….this is a small, inept, corrupt, ignorant, racist, misogynistic criminal who will find himself under indictment, once he’s out of office. May his name be forever tossed onto the shit heap of history, and ultimately forgotten for anything other than his criminality…


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