I have read the information re: the SMART vote for an extended tax. SMART has failed to deliver what it promised. Watching seven or eight people sitting on a train anytime outside of the current commute time upsets me (putting it mildly), especially when the taxpayers are supplementing the fare. SMART “leadership” asks us to continue this farce. The print media supports SMART. Why? I don’t know. Of course, we see letters praising the train going to Larkspur and then the leisurely ride on the ferry to S.F. to spend the day or a few days in a swanky hotel. Well, maybe they are the seven or eight people riding it in the midday.

The SMART board needs to go back to the drawing board to look at salaries (and publish the position of how much is being paid; you can figure out the names), expenses, anticipated future costs and overruns. Until that happens I will be voting “NO” on SMART. Tired of seeing the debacle being rewarded for shoddiness.

Art Hackworth


Backyard Talk Continues

Ranchers always seem to get preferential treatment in this country (“Our Own Backyard,” Letters, Jan. 15). I used to go camping at Point Reyes years ago; it’s an incredible place and so close to the city. It’s a shock to me that in the Bay Area, a place that is usually so aware of our impact on the environment, that this is happening. But it seems ranchers wield a lot of power and something about that needs to be done. Cattle do not belong on Point Reyes.

Tom Burgess


Our National Treasures

It’s just not a fair deal, why should the native elk have to suffer? And look what the dairy cows have done to our pristine waterways! Come on, California, we can do better and not have this legacy for OUR treasured national park!

Pat Stanton


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