.Publisher’s Note: Pacific Sun joins media group

We are pleased to announce that the Pacific Sun has joined the Bay Area’s leading publisher of alternative weeklies. We’ve teamed up with the North Bay Bohemian, which will give us more resources and a larger combined circulation.

The Pacific Sun will publish under the same name and continue its commitment to cover Marin County’s people, culture, events and issues. “Our plan is to invest in quality,” said Bohemian publisher Rosemary Olson, who will become the Sun’s publisher. “We make long term investments and remain involved with the communities we serve.”

The Sun and Bohemian are part of Metro Newspapers, which publishes Metro Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz’s Good Times, both free circulation alt weeklies, as well as three community weeklies and specialty magazines. Combined circulation of the eight publications is 190,000.

The company, founded by company executive editor Dan Pulcrano 30 years ago, is owner-operated and editorially-driven.

“I am pleased that the Pacific Sun is in good hands,“ said Bob Heinen, who owned the Sun since 2012 and served as its publisher.

“We appreciate Bob’s stewardship of this 52-year-old publishing treasure, and with the oldest alternative weekly west of the Hudson, we understand that we have a legacy to maintain,” Pulcrano said.

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The Pacific Sun publishes every Wednesday, delivering 21,000 copies to 520 locations throughout Marin County.
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