.Letters to the Editor: King of Denial

Trump lacks the guts to admit that he lost the election because of his own mistakes on many important issues. Any President who openly brags about conquering women with his personal wealth is almost begging to lose his chance for re-election. And openly denying the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic while thousands of his constituents are dying from this deadly virus was also a sure way to lose this election.

Yet for me the final straw that broke the camel’s back is President Trump’s adamant climate change denial. With our planet quickly overheating and igniting massive wildfires all over California, any politician who refuses to fight for our Earth’s environmental survival has no right to even think about being the President of a major greenhouse gas emitting nation.

So instead of pretending to be the victim of any election fraud President Trump needs to more honestly face his own major mistakes during his four years as our nation’s most powerful person.

Rama Kumar


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