.Best Vape Carts of 2023: The Year of Alternative Cannabinoids

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The vape cartridge sector of the cannabis industry has evolved tremendously in the last decade. When this tech was initially deployed, the idea of vaping cannabis was simply revolutionary. No smoking? Just charge it up and inhale? Cannabis-concentrate enthusiasts that knew about the days of knife hits were overjoyed to have a simpler and easier way to enjoy their potent pot. Not to mention the dramatic improvement in taste and the smoother vaporizer experience.

Nowadays, vape carts are everywhere, filled with all kinds of oil and terpenes and flavors to appease any palate. So, finding the ones that stand out from the crowd can be challenging. In California, the options are endless. Enter any dispensary, and there are entire display cases with every type of cartridge you could desire. But for this article, we want to highlight something that may have slipped under the radar: alternative cannabinoid hemp cartridges. 

What Are Alternative Cannabinoids?

Alternative cannabinoids—or alt noids—are hemp-derived cannabinoids that were either extracted from the hemp plant or altered from other cannabinoids. For example, Delta-8 THC is a natural cannabinoid found in hemp. It’s become trendy in the hemp market because it offers a similar high to marijuana’s Delta-9 THC, but you can buy it online and have it shipped to your door without the need for a dispensary visit. This is especially appealing if you don’t live in a state with legal weed

Despite being naturally occurring, there isn’t enough Delta-8 to produce the troves of products companies are looking to release to consumers. So, manufacturers and scientists found a solution in the lab. They extracted and isolated CBD from hemp through a unique isomerization process and converted it into the Delta-8 molecule. This breakthrough was huge for the industry still high from the 2018 Farm Bill

And this was only the beginning. Further analytics and research uncovered many other naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp and, with similar processes, could do with them what they did with Delta-8. In some cases, they altered Delta-8 to produce more cannabinoids. 

Some of the newest cannabinoids to join the alternative cannabinoid classification include: 

  • Delta-8 THC
  • Delta-10 THC
  • D9-O
  • HHC
  • HHC-O
  • HHC-P
  • THC-O
  • THC-P
  • THC-B
  • THC-H
  • THC-JD
  • THCP-O
  • 11-Hydroxy-THC

Alternative cannabinoids are easy to create in a lab, allowing you to customize the blends and fine-tune potencies and flavors. This offers manufacturers more leeway when producing their product lines and an opportunity to stand out in the marketplace. 

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What Defines a High-Quality Vape Cartridge?

The cannabinoid blend isn’t the only consideration for a vape cartridge. As we said, this technology has come a long way. Now, batteries last longer, heating elements are more precisely attuned and testing practices have evolved to hold the industry to higher standards. When shopping for a vape cartridge, there are a few things you should always look for from any company selling them. 


Standard vape cartridges fit into a 510-threaded battery. This isn’t universal but is the industry standard. Never buy cartridges made of plastic; stick with glass only for anything you plan to heat and inhale. If purchasing a 510 cartridge, make sure the company either sells batteries or that you have one handy. Unlike disposable vape pens, you can’t smoke a vape cartridge without an attachable battery. 

Type of Oil

There are many types of oil in vape cartridges. Distillate and live resin are the two most popular types and offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to strains and flavors. Some companies extract one strain and plug it into the cart, while others prefer to distill the desired cannabinoid, then add back in strain-specific or plant-derived terpenes. Again, alternative cannabinoids offer a lot of options here. 

Testing and Transparency

This might seem like a no-brainer, but make sure that the company offers its test results. This should be easy to find on the companies’ website and include information like total cannabinoid percentages, terpene levels, type of oil and multiple data sets indicating that the product is free of all contaminants, like mold, mildew or pesticides. 

The Best Vape Carts of 2023

As for alternative cannabinoid vape carts, one company stands out from the rest. LOOPER has taken the alt noid market to the next level with its comprehensive product line, quality hardware, top-shelf oil and testing transparency. Above all, LOOPER vape carts taste incredible, and get you absolutely lifted in just the right way. 

LOOPER leverages these effective alt noids nearly perfectly with its blended cannabinoid vape carts in its LOOPER line of cartridges

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LOOPER Melted Series

The Melted Series of vape carts is made up of eight 1-gram cartridges featuring a range of alt noid blends and multiple strains across indica, sativa and hybrid options. 

The current lineup features: 

Each vape is just $29.99, and customers rave about the quick shipping time and easy purchasing process. 

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LOOPER Lifted Series

The Lifted Series is just as impressive as the Melted Series but introduces some intriguing strains you may have never tried before. Again, these are blended with a mix of high-powered alt noids to blast you off into a blissful high. 

There are eight varieties to choose from:

Expect nothing less than a full body and mind high from these vape carts! At $29.99 per 1-gram cartridge, it’s worth stocking up on a few strains to try out the different blends.

Lift Off With LOOPER from Dimo Hemp

Dimo is an innovator in the alternative cannabinoid space, and if you’re looking to expand outside the dispensary shopping experience, this is a worthwhile way to shop online. The LOOPER line of vape cartridges is a sublime experience with hemp-derived cannabinoids, from the quality hardware to the flavorful oil, all the way to the supreme high. 

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